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Bond Originators In South Africa

It is no secret that professional bond originators can get you a better deal, than dealing directly with lenders. The demand for a bond origination service has increased over the past few years, with more and more people utilising such a service. In order to receive prime less rates, the utilisation of bond originators have become a vital part in securing a confident choice of mortgage products.

Bond originators or mortgage originators acts as an intermediary who sources mortgage bonds on behalf of individuals or businesses. Traditionally, banks and other lending institutions have distributed their own products.

However as markets for mortgages have become more competitive, the role of bond originators has become more popular. In competitive mortgage markets many lenders use an array of rate offers and other incentives to attract customers.

To many consumers, due to their infrequent purchases of mortgage products, the mortgage market may appear confusing and somewhat daunting. Bond originators can guide them through the process of selecting a suitable mortgage and offer mortgage and property related financial advice.

For borrowers with poor credit records, or other unusual circumstances, finding a lender may be difficult. Bond originators, having specialised knowledge and multiple lending sources, will normally be a valuable resource in obtaining financing.

Bond originators receive a fee from the banks and not their clients. The sheer volume of business provided by bond originators to the banks, gives the originator negotiating power to muscle low rates for their clients. Usually the bond loan process is much quicker when using bond originators.

Common Duties Of Bond Originators

1.) Assessing the market to find a mortgage bond product that fits the clients needs at the lowest possible interest rate.

2.) Applying for a lenders agreement in principle (pre-approval) Gathering all needed documents (payslips, bank statements, etc.)

3.) Completing a lender application form.

4.) Explaining the legal disclosures.

5.) Submitting all material to the lender.


Bond News:
Bond Originators : Until now, Standard Bank required a deposit of 5% to 10% on property purchases valued up to R1.5m. Standard Bank is the first of the big four banks to officially announce the long-awaited move back to the traditional 100% home loan offering.Standard Bank Home Loans

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